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Using a live social media feed for events

Tabbed Creative was recently tasked with running a live social media feed on a jumbotron for Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens. This is a fantastic event that involves horse racing, tailgating, and of course, social media; in other words, just a few of our favorite things! Using a live social media feed at events is a great way to build brand recognition, generate buzz and excitement, and increase interaction with guests.

Live streaming social media posts helps spark user-generated content from attendees, which can then be used later on in a social media marketing campaign. These organic social shares help your event reach people far and wide, that otherwise might not have known about the event.

Event attendees get excited about seeing their social media post on a big screen and are more likely to encourage other guests to participate. This keeps attendees engaged and informed as to what's going on at the event. Social media posts and shares about your event also serve as social proof and validation that the event is fun, relevant, and lets people that didn't attend know what they're missing out on.

Tabbed Creative can help run a live social media feed at your next event to help you maximize event awareness and engagement, and set your event apart.

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