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I have a bachelors degree in Communications and that helps me to communicate a clear message, but my life experiences are the driving force behind my desire to work in the social media world and run successful marketing campaigns. A few years ago, I worked with an awesome group of women to hold a fundraising run. I will never forget meeting with a run company that told me,

"Most first time running events are lucky to break even."  I walked away from that meeting with a burning desire to not only spread awareness for the organization that we were raising money for but to do way more than break even. Through a rigorous social media campaign and a great deal of hard work on behalf of the entire team, we didn't "just break even", we were able to raise over $32,000.  


Tabbed Creative won't settle with "breaking even."  We want to go above and beyond to share your message! 



I like to consider myself a "traveling gypsy" thanks to my military upbringing and military husband.

I love the adventure of constantly moving and being exposed to different aspects of life. I have a bachelor of science in organizational communications with a minor in marketing (go MSU Bears!), and MBA. I spent the entirety of my life living between the US and Europe, and over the past 9 years I worked as a graphic designer and marketing consultant for a variety of industries. During much of that time, I also  operated and managed my own graphic design business. I covered many published news articles, and won a couple of awards... but most importantly, I love my job and seeing my clients' visions come to life. In my spare time I love to drink good wine, hike, ski and travel.

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